I’m Angela Engel

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Angela cofounded Uniting4Kids for the purpose of preserving democracy and promoting innovative and equitable education through great neighborhood public schools.

An Invitation

Specifically, designed for women, this is a series of events and experiences that bring us closer to knowing ourselves and living our unique lives fully and authentically.

Graffiti in Eden

Graffiti in Eden is told through the lens of both Thomas and Josephine who color outside of the lines of tradition and offer unique perspectives on the changing dynamics of romantic relationships between men and women. The two lovers exchange their white picket fence worlds of matrimony for an illicit escape challenging every cherished assumption about love, family and sex. The decision of how to move forward envelops both families, forced to negotiate new realities amid the devastation of desire and shame, truth and responsibility. Unlike other memoirs of healing trauma and triumphing over adversity, this is a story about the messes we make ourselves. Graffiti in Eden deeply resonates with readers seeking a way out of their own shadows, many of whom may be confronted with their own fairy tale ideals, broken families, and struggle for forgiveness.

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