How is it determined which vendors districts can share student data?

For state assessment purposes, the state communicates with districts about sharing data with the state-contracted vendors. Districts may enter into their own contracts for their own purposes as well. However, those agreements are between each individual district and the vendor; those do not involve the state.

See the District Guidance at


Parents are largely not aware that data about their children is collected and uploaded to Colorado’s P-20 Statewide Longitudinal Database (SLDS) (P-20 means pre-school through college).  Colorado Education Data Analysis & Reporting System (CEDAR) that further shares this data broadly with state department and  other agencies such as such as WICHE, SHEEO.  The SLDS is a permanent record that includes much more than test scores. Over 400 data points are collected; for example, disciplinary and health data is uploaded to the State, who then can share that pii information to outside agencies and third parties. Much of this data is Social and Emotional  in the form of photos, video, and behavioral observations /profiles, such as TS Gold. This mandatory preschool program collects information on three and four year olds including social, emotional and behavioral data points-38 different rubrics and much of it observational.


Data is collected on Colorado’s younger children by Rupert Murdoch’s Amplify; data is collected when children take such tests as CLASS: DIBELS, Next/IDEL, DIBELS Deep, and Burst:Reading -which are in Colorado K-3 classrooms. PARCC  Delivers Student-level Data  to the US Dept Of Ed;  PARCC and CMAS are made and owned by Pearson. Read the Pearson Privacy policy here. Pearson can use or disclose personally identifiable information (pii):  “Pearson may, use or disclose personally identifiable information in connection with the sale, joint venture or transfer of some or all of the assets of NCS Pearson, Inc., subject to written approval from the Education Agency; and/or to affiliated companies and contractors.”


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