How much is the complete cost of all assessments for each student annually?

The long bill passed by the General Assembly in 2014 allotted:

Assessment: $36,771,010

According to the 2014 APA Draft study, total direct assessment costs incurred by schools, districts, and the State are up to $130,000,000 million dollars annually (p. 30). Still these direct costs do not include:

  • capacity costs (i.e., IT costs such as computer hardware, bandwidth)
  • opportunity costs: professional development, IT staff time, managing logistics, managing parent refusals/opt out, or data and reporting (pp 26-28):

While Colorado is adding more tests, they are simultaneously cutting more teachers. According to the Colorado School Finance Project in the two years between 2010 and 2012, Colorado added 18,600 students and subtracted 1,040 teachers.


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