I understand the tentative and transitional nature of SB191- Performance Pay. How will a parent refusal to have their child tested affect a teacher’s performance rating in a district that has determined to use state test scores in calculating the performance of the teacher?

Based on state guidelines, local districts/schools determine the contribution of state assessments to teacher ratings. The impact of missing data will vary depending on how many students a teacher has the variance in student ability across the classroom, the weight of the assessments within the evaluation and local decisions on how the missing data will be handled.


SB 191 was passed during the 2010 legislative session and requires that scores contribute 50 percent of individual teachers’ ratings There is no research that shows that tying teacher pay to students test scores improve outcomes. In fact the most recent scientific longitudinal study conducted by Vanderbilt University, provides the evidenced based research to reverse SB191.


Denver Business Journal: http://www.bizjournals.com/denver/print-edition/2014/09/19/viewpoint-what-businesses-can-learn-from.html?page=all


SB14-165 offers a temporary opportunity for local districts to uncouple state assessments from teachers’ evaluations and base evaluations on professional practice.


A Task Force charged with making legislative recommendations will be meeting until January 2015. You may forward suggestions here: 1202taskforcefeedback@gmail.com


To sign the petition to repeal SB 191 https://www.change.org/p/the-colorado-legislature-repeal-senate-bill-191-linking-standardized-test-scores-to-teacher-pay-and-performance



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