Please identify all vendors that receive any type of data or metadata related to Colorado students.

The state assessment vendors (ACT, CTB, Pearson, WIDA with the Wisconsin Center for Educational Research) have access to student data. In addition, a list of agreements that have been put into place since May 1, 2014 may be found at the below link:


Vendors included on this list are given access to your child’s personal identifiable information (pii), name, birth date, address and social security number. Listed are: Pearson, TS Gold, Diploma Sender, Department of Corrections, University of Virginia, CEI, CREDO, WIDA, Colyar, National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment, Inc, College Board, Amplify and the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

What is missing from the referenced list is all of the vendors that receive data through Federal channels. Also not included are the additional companies which vendors share student’s personal information. For example the Department of Higher Ed shares pii with WICHE, SHEEO and the Department of Labor.


Thank you to Cheri Kiesecker, a concerned Colorado parent, for providing detailed information related to the sharing of your child’s privacy. She has provided responses to the questions on privacy. Select this link for the full Colorado specific privacy brief.

The U.S. Dept. of Education is promoting a Data Driven Education; see their report on neuroscience and biometrics of data collection, Promoting Grit Tenacity and Perseverance -see slide 62.  Also see U.S. Dept of Ed’s document on Enhancing Teaching and Learning through data mining.  The Big Data Project  partners with edtech corporations who mine children’s data, with online apps like the “My Data Button.”   Edtech companies rely heavily on the collection of meta data, as witnessed by this video of  KNEWTON  at the White House DataPalooza (Knewton is an edtech company, partnered with Pearson and currently in many Colorado schools, who collects millions of data points per child / per day.)


The Colorado Dept of Ed also partners with Informatica in making and sharing a Golden Record of each child’s personally identifiable data (data follows the child from preschool-k-to college). Watch the Golden Record video from Colorado Dept Ed. No parent has ever been able to access their child’s Golden Record.


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