What is the process for parents who wish to request a review of their child’s test answer booklets and evaluation? What is the time frame parents can expect the test materials to be provided and who will supply the information?

The process for requesting information to be removed from a student’s permanent file is set by local boards of education and the local district.

Information on accessing and amending records under FERPA may be found at the following link:



Parents should be aware of the trend to collect student’s psychological information under the headings of biometric, psychometric, and psychosocial observations. Programs like Emergenetics are already in the classroom: they are a company specializing in “analyzing, identifying and leveraging the way people think and behave.”

PEARSON has also bought several ADHD diagnostic testing companies designed to measure brain function and behavior. (Many experts are concerned that Pearson will/has embedded this technology in their online tests and curricula.)

Project: BeReady  is a personality survey and yet another example of the types of products Education Management Organization that reek of social engineering. According to their sales campaign they want to “use the test and a dashboard that will allow teachers and administrators to view and analyze both individual student and aggregated data.”

The process of removing information or correcting your child’s record is very difficult. Under FERPA a school only has to provide the record for review. If you are concerned about protecting your child’s privacy, your best recourse is limit the data collected and later shared on your child.


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