The Senate Vacancy Meeting is this Saturday, January 5th. 

I look forward to the gathering of community leaders dedicated to the Democratic process. Thank you for all of the work you do and have done to promote our shared Democratic values.

With majorities in the House and in the Senate, we have a critical opportunity to see that our Blue wave is actualized at the legislative level. As precinct leaders you’ve worked hard to elect Progressive candidates. This Senate Vacancy appointment offers the potential to advance a Democratic Agenda and achieve real solutions for everyone. As voting members, you are uniquely positioned to advance priorities that serve children, families and seniors. 

If appointed, I will bring equity and integrity to our systems of governing. You will find no greater champion able to stand against the big money lobbies ensuring that we are investing in people and community. I have a long track record of removing barriers to justice and impediments to our collective well-being, especially for those who have been marginalized or disenfrachised. 

Despite the business of the holidays, we are excited by the energy and enthusiasm demonstrated throughout this vacancy process. You can be confident that if selected, I will retain the Senate seat in 2020. My previous run for office was far more of an uphill battle than 26, with twice as many Republicans. At the time, I had no name recognition and no campaign experience. In a short six months, my team, with over 300 volunteers, earned 49% of the vote. I have since supported many candidates in their victories to public office. You have every assurance, that if given your support, I will retain the seat in the next election cycle.

This Senate Vacancy decision has far reaching implications for our futures, here in Senate District 26, and beyond. 

I am asking for your vote. 


Special Thank you to the Senate Vacancy Committee:

Ken Ohmstede, Chair
Vicki Tosher, Vice-chair
Jeannie McWilliams, 2nd Vice-chair
Somer Pyron, Secretary
Lin Sunshine, Board member

and to all the party officers.

In common striving, 
Angela Engel 



SD 26 Vacancy Meeting

January 5th at 10am

(Sign in begins at 9:15am)
Hampden Hall, Englewood Civic Center
1000 Englewood Parkway (MAP)
Englewood, CO 80110